About Closet Collective

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Women started the sharing economy when they raided the closets of their sisters and friends. And yet in an age where cars and accommodations are driving the sharing economy, this age-old behavior has been left behind. Closet Collective is changing that.

Closet Collective is a peer to peer fashion community for women to list, discover and rent everyday designer fashion. Through our platform, women can finally access & afford an endless designer closet & discover unique emerging designers. Through the combination of technology & advanced logistics, we connect any woman to any closet giving her access to the $100bn worth of clothing hanging, unworn, in closets across the country. Also, by allowing women to monetize their closets in a whole new way, they can reinvest in new pieces they love.

The future is not just about access or ownership; it’s about combining them to embrace the way customers are living their lives.

About Closet Collective

Our Story

Closet Collective was started with 2 main objectives:
( 1) to help women monetize their fantastic closets without having to part with their beloved (yet scarcely worn) pieces and
(2) to give women access to designer fashion at an affordable price.

Closet Collective is the brainchild of two very different friends. Claire has spent a small fortune on her closet over the years, and while some may call it hoarding, she refuses to let go of items she loves that she may one day want to wear again. Seema on the other hand, finds the whole process of shopping tiring, expensive and frustrating.

One night when Seema was on the eve of graduating from Columbia Business School, she did what girls do and turned to Claire’s closet to borrow something (we haven’t yet mentioned that Claire and Seema are as different in heights as shopping habits but friends make it work). Unfortunately, or fortunately as it turned out, Seema didn’t have time to come try on dresses and wished for Claire’s expansive closet to be online for her to peruse. What a thought! Could they connect women of the same size and style across the country to create the largest, virtual closet and help women like Claire make some of the money back on her closet by renting it out? Turns out, that answer is YES!!

Claire and Seema, being their customers themselves, built the Company around making it hassle free and so Closet Collective takes care of the photography, shipping, dry cleaning, insurance and payments.

We believe every woman should be able to look and feel great every day and shouldn’t have to break the bank to do it. We believe that sharing, is indeed caring and we believe that women helping other women look great and save at the same time is awesome.

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