Frequently Asked Questions

What is Closet Collective?
Closet Collective is your dream designer closet! It is an online community where women can rent clothing, bags, shoes and accessories from each other and have an unlimited rotating closet. We are bringing the age-old tradition of borrowing clothes from our friends and family to the 21st century.

Renting Items

1. How do I sign up?
Just create an account and start renting. You can rent a single piece, or sign up for our membership to get an endless closet and save on multiple rentals.  
2. How does the membership work?
  • You sign up for either a 3-rentals / month ($99) or 5-rentals / month ($150) plan.
  • Based on your plan you receive 3 or 5 rental credits. 
  • Select the pieces you want to rent & checkout using your rental credits.
  • Rental credits never expire! Any credits not used during the month rollover to the next month and can be used for additional rentals.
3. How do I select pieces to rent?
Browse through all the collections & closets and add any pieces you love to your cart to reserve them. 

4. How many pieces can I get? 
You can rent as many individual pieces as you want. Or sign up for our monthly membership and get 3 pieces / month or 5 pieces / month.

5. How do I receive my items?
Select the items you want and checkout. Once the lender confirms they are available (within 24 hours), they will be shipped to your door. 

6. How long do I have to try the pieces? How do I return items I don't want?
You have 48 hours to try the items. If they don't fit, 
logon to your account page and fill out the return form for the box. We will send you a prepaid label to ship the item back. You will not be charged for items that are returned within 48 hours.

7. Can I switch items whenever I want?  How long can I keep the items?
Yes, just ship the items back to us to get new pieces. You can keep each item for up to one month. If you would like to keep a piece for longer email us at and we can ask the lender for an extension if possible.

8. How much does it cost?
You can rent single pieces based on the prices listed, or you can get a monthly membership for 3 or 5 pieces. Once you decide what items you want to keep (48 hour trial period), you are charged for the items that you keep for the month. 

9. Can I purchase the item if I like it?
If there is an item that you love, just let us know at We will contact the lender on your behalf and see if they are willing to sell the item. 

10. Do I need to dry clean the items before sending them back?
No. We take care of the dry cleaning once the items are shipped back to us.

11. How do I ship the items back after wearing them?
We send you a prepaid label at the end of your month's rental. If you want to send it back before, login to your account and fill out the return form when you're ready to ship them back. We will send you a prepaid label to ship the items back. 

12. What if I accidentally ruin the item?
We will do our utmost to return the garment to its original condition. However, we do not cover major or irreversible damage. Please see our terms and conditions for our full policy.
13. I can’t seem to rent in my area. Where are you operating?
We currently offering rentals within the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. 

Renting Out Your Items

1. What is the difference between renting an item and consigning it?
Both offer you ways to monetize your closets but renting allows you maintain the option to wear the item again one day, and you can make more by renting your items than consigning them.

2. How much does it cost to list items on the site for rent?
Nothing! We don’t charge anything to be a lender. List your items for free.

3. How much do I make on each rental?
Each item is priced individually. When you list your items, each lender receives a payout sheet that outlines their income per item. On average the payout is 5-10% of the retail value per rental. 
4. Are you only looking for designer duds?
While a designer item may result in a higher rental price, we are looking for clothes that people would want to borrow. Typically our items have a minimum value of $200. However, if there's a great dress that you bought in a Brooklyn boutique or on a trip to Paris that everyone always asks where you got it? – we want those too.
5. Do you only want dresses?
Dresses are great but you can also rent out jackets, coats, skirts, pants, bags, accessories. We are looking for every day designer items.
6. How is pricing set?
For your convenience, we will provide recommended pricing when the items are initially listed. If you would like the pricing adjusted, just let us know. 
7. Can I send in pictures of the clothes on hangers?
No. As a borrower, the size and fit of an item is a major concern. The best way to help with this is to show how the clothes fit and hang on a real person. Plus, your items will always look better on you so it will increase the likelihood of it being rented. You can use pictures from events where you've worn the items - so start looking through all those Facebook and Instagram pictures. 
8. What if I want to lend items that no longer fit me?
Sign up for our White Glove service and we'll handle the photography and listing process for you.
9. How many times can I rent an item before it’s no longer in good enough condition?
As a rule of thumb, an item can be worn ~18 times until the wear and tear starts to show. After every 3 wears we recommend inspecting the item and adjusting the description and condition on the website as needed.
10. What happens if a borrower returns the item due to condition?
We’ll take a look at the notes and pictures provided by the borrower and compare them to those on the site. If the condition is accurately represented on the site, you don’t need to do anything. If we think the item needs to be updated or removed from the site we will notify you and make the change to the website. We won’t charge the borrower for the rental but will return the item to you.
11. What if someone ruins my item?
We will do our utmost to return the garment to its original condition before it is returned to you. If we are unable to, you will be refunded the verified full retail amount of your item that you provided. 
12. How do you verify the retail price of an item?
We verify the amount provided based on research and expertise on the industry and brand. We will do this prior to any item being listed on the site.
13. How does shipping work?
Easily. We will send you a Lender's Kit with shipping bags. When one of your items is rented, we'll send you a prepaid shipping label with the borrower's address already on it. Just put the item in the resealable bag, add the label and drop it in any mailbox. The cleaned item will be returned to you via mail after the rental.

14. Who handles cleaning the item?
After every rental, we have the item dry cleaned before it is returned to the lender.
15. How soon after the rental do I get my item back?
After every rental we will have your item dry cleaned so please factor in some time for that to be completed. We estimate that you will receive your item within a week to ten days after the end of the rental period.
16. How does the payment system work?
We work with Braintree and Square to manage a secure payments process. We do not require you to go off the site or set up accounts with any third party. If Lenders have a Square account, we will transfer the funds within 10 days of the beginning of the rental period. If Lenders do not have a Square account, we will mail you a check. 

Have another question? Email us at and we’ll get back to you right away!

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