• Lilly Pulitzer Pink Strapless Dress with Brooch
  • lilly-pulitzer-strapless-brooch-dress
  • lilly-pulitzer-strapless-brooch-dress
  • Lilly Pulitzer-Pink--Short Dress-Cotton-small
  • Lilly Pulitzer-Pink--Short Dress-Cotton-small

Lilly Pulitzer ($298)

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    Retail Price: $298

    Keep your party attire fresh and young this summer with this pink strapless cocktail dress by Lilly Pulitzer. Perfect for those summer weddings, a birthday party or even graduation. Pair with an equally as bright clutch for an unexpected stylish balance.

    Size: 4
    Fabric: Cotton/Metallic
    Color: Pink
    Fit Notes: True to size - fits model well. Lilly's sizes are slightly large, so depending on your preference for fit, you may want to size down. A typical size 4 girl should wear a Lilly 2 for a more snug fit and a 4 for a looser more comfortable fit.
    Condition: Impeccable

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